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    Correctable Vision Conditions

    Myopic or Nearsighted Eye


    A nearsighted eye is usually longer than a normal eye or the curvature of the cornea is too curved. As a result, a myopic patient can see close objects, but objects in the distance are blurred. Myopia is often an inherited condition. It usually starts in childhood or early teenage years and stabilizes by the late teens or early twenties.



    A farsighted eye is usually shorter than a normal eye or the curvature of the corneais too flat. This is the opposite of myopia. Light is not brought into focus before encountering the retina. Depending upon the amount of farsightedness, a patient may experience little or no blur in the distance but will have increasingly blurry vision for close objects and often needs reading glasses a child or young adult.



    Astigmatism may be present alone or combined with myopia or hyperopia. Astigmatism usually results when the surface curvature of the cornea is shaped more life the side of a football than the cornea’s proper shape, which is like the side of a round ball. Astigmatism causes blur or distortion of vision at all distances.

    Sometimes patients with astigmatism see a difference between the sharpness of vertical lines compared to horizontal lines.



    Presbyopia is the medical term for the need to wear reading glasses or bifocals when reaching middle age. Presbyopia is due to natural stiffening of the lens of the eye. This prevents the lens from changing focus so that one can clearly see distant objects and near objects.

    People with 20/20 distant vision will eventually need reading glasses at middle age. Discuss your options with your surgeon and his staff for our current surgical options – presbyopic excimer laser or refractive lens exchange with multifocal or trifocal lens implantation.

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